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Notes from the Practice of Harold Goodman, D.O.

Double vision after trauma  Thursday, March 27, 2008

An eleven year old girl recently came in with double vision. It followed an episode in May, 2007, where she fell six feet off of a cliff and smashed the left side of her face against a tree trunk. Many of the facial bones were fractured. She was treated at a local children's hospital where she received plastic surgery.

After an interval of over nine months during which her double vision continued and the swelling of the face didn't change too much, she was brought to me. I examined her and noticed that the original trauma to the fascial and fluid systems ( strains) had not been addressed.

In particular, I found that the geometric angle of her optic chiasma (the place in the head where the optic nerve from each eye crosses over the other) was quite distorted. The bony orbit in which the eye resides consists of seven bones. Each is formed in membrane and remains internally connected to membrane which is continuous with the rest of the cranium and body.

Gentle treatment of these strains resulted in a major improvement in her vision which was noticed by her optometrist as well.

Judicious use of homeopathic Arnica and osteopathy also reduced most of the swelling.

She continues to do well.

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